Help! What should I do?

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Help! What should I do?

I think my email has been hacked!

  • Immediately change your password.
  • Let your contacts know you have been hacked.
    (They should avoid clicking on suspicious links in email that seems to come from you.)

... but I can't access it!!

Hackers may have changed your password.
  • Go to your email provider's login page.
  • Find the "Forgot my password" link.
  • DO NOT use the same password that was just hacked.

Help! What should I do?

I received a suspicious phone call saying something is wrong with my computer.

This is a common phone scam. The caller might say they are from "Microsoft Security." They are not. This is just a random call.

  • DO NOT give them your password, credit card number, or any personal information.
  • Hang up as soon as you realize it's a scam.
  • Do not worry that they know something about your computer that you don't. They have no way to know.

Help! What should I do?

I just spilled a drink on my laptop!!

Liquid can damage electronics, but in some cases — if you act swiftly — you may be able to minimize the damage.
  • Immediately unplug all power; remove battery.
  • Immediately invert the laptop to drain the liquid.
  • Put it near a heating vent or dehumidifier.
  • Wait 24 to 48 hours before you try to turn it back on*
* It can damage your computer to run it while wet.

Help! What should I do?

How can I get my iPhone battery to stay charged longer?

Here are three things you can do:
    1. Turn off Background Refresh
    2. Disable notifications
    3. Check for email manually

More info here: PC Magazine, "iPhone Battery Tips and Tricks," May 2014

Tip Get to know the Settings area of your phone.
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